13. Januar 2009

1Maceo ParkerElephant's FootFunk Overload199800:04:19
2Colosseum IIGemini And LeoStrange New Flesh197600:04:47
4Frank ZappaNo Not NowShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch198200:05:50
5Combustible EdisonPink VictimThe Impossible World199800:04:14
6GeribaSunday GrooveKulturkantine The Funk Groove200800:05:19
7Yngwie J. MalmsteenVivaceConcerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat minor Op. 1199800:04:50
8CreamWhite RoomWheels Of Fire196800:04:58
9Tori AmosCode RedAmerican Doll Posse200700:05:27
10Burkhard MahlerThat's RightThe Fusion Rap200800:06:30
11Chemical BrothersGet Up On It Like ThisDig Your Own Hole199700:02:45
12PrimusTommy The CatSailing The Seas Of Cheese199100:04:15

Moderation: Andreas Köhler

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