30. Juli 2013

1Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionWho Are The Brain Police?Freak Out!196600:03:33
2Frank ZappaWillie the PimpHot Rats196900:09:17
3Frank ZappaBlack NapkinsZoot Allures197600:04:15
4Frank ZappaTitties & BeerZappa In New York (CD 1)197800:07:36
5Frank ZappaDancin' FoolSheik Yerbouti197900:03:44
6Frank ZappaReturn Of The Son Of Shut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarShut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar198100:08:31
7Frank ZappaValley GirlShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch198200:04:50
8Frank ZappaTruck Driver DivorceThem Or Us198400:08:59

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