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Playlist Februar 2016

09. Februar 2016

1Frank ZappaConeheadYou Are What You Is19810:04:18
2Richard CheeseHot For Teacher (Van Halen)The Sunny side of the Moon20060:02:38
3Purposeful PorpoiseNowhere BoundThe Water Games20150:05:45
4Dream TheaterThe Gift of MusicThe Astonishing Act 120160:04:00
5ArenaOut of the WildernessSongs from the Lions Cage19950:08:02
6Miss PlatnumGive Me The FoodChefa20070:03:11
7GenesisThe Fountain of SalmacisNursery Cryme19710:07:54
8Burkhard MahlerClaires AmbientRocks On the Road20150:06:13
9TipographicaTipographica's Worst DateThe Man Who Does Not Nod19950:05:27
10AKKU QuintetPhase TransitionsMolecules20140:15:19

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Playlist Februar 2014

11. Februar 2014

1Tribal TechThe Big WaveIllicit199200:06:31
2Richard CheeseButterfly (Crazy Town)I'd Like A Virgin200400:01:44
3The Flower KingsThe Silent MassesDesolation Rose201300:06:17
4TrianaEn el lagoEl Patio197500:06:34
6GanesNia L'DertRai de Sorëdl201000:03:41
7Thought ChamberBehind the Eyes of IkkPsykerion201300:08:36
8Burkhard MahlerMeet MeMahler Movie Music Entertainment Vol. 1201300:03:44
10Götz AlsmannGroße MomenteEngel oder Teufel200900:04:02
11Van CantoThe Final CountdownDawn of the Brave201400:05:54
12Joe SatrianiSummer SongMaster of the Art (Live)199300:05:58

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas A. Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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Playlist Februar 2013

12. Februar 2013

1NiacinThree Feet BackNiacin199700:05:31
3Tony LevinGecko WalkWaters of Eden200000:04:59
4ElementalesMonje y CruzCircuitos 92199200:04:51
5Danny GattonComin' Home, BabyRedneck Jazz197800:08:45
6Richard CheeseT.N.T.Back in Black Tie201200:01:54
7PendragonAs Good As GoldThe Masquerade Overture199600:07:15
8Burkhard MahlerThe Gold ArrivesRabengold Symphony www.burkhardmahler.de201200:03:36
9GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on BroadwayThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway197400:04:50
10Miss PlatnumBollywood MovieThe Sweetest Hangover200900:03:27
11Trans-Siberian OrchestraRequiem (The Fifth)Beethoven's Last Night200000:02:59
12Götz AlsmannRhythmus, Text und MelodieEngel oder Teufel200900:03:36
13Me & YouSneaker ThiefNu Funk200700:05:39

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Playlist Februar 2012

14. Februar 2012

1CairoSeason Of The HeartCairo199400:10:10
2ArenaOut of the WildernessSongs from the Lions Cage199500:08:02
4Pat MethenyBright size lifeBright Size Life197600:04:45
5Allan HoldsworthGood Clean FilthVelvet Darkness197600:05:21
6Burkhard Mahler - Peter SchicklingSaxophone BeatBest of Fusion201100:06:06
7Yusef LateefChandraThe Diverse Yusef Lateef197000:06:48
8Thomas BlochKyriades 1 (Bernard Wisson)Ondes Martenot200300:06:19
9The Flower KingsRetropolisRetropolis199600:11:08

Moderation: Andreas Köhler und Jana Schmidt
Sendetechnik: Andreas Köhler

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Playlist Februar2011

08. Februar 2011

1Steve VaiLibertyPassion And Warfare199000:02:03
2FlevansNotionNu Funk200700:04:40
3Mike SternRoll With ItWho Let The Cats Out?200600:05:04
4Richard CheeseHot For Teacher (Van Halen)The Sunny Side of the Moon200600:02:38
5Albie Donnely's SuperchargeMockingbirdBig Blow...200800:04:22
6Paul GilbertPaul vs GodzillaSilence Followed By A Deafening Roar200800:04:54
7Pat Metheny GroupBeat 70Letter From Home198900:04:55
8Burkhard MahlerGerds Machine No 4The Fusion Fantasy200900:04:30
9OysterheadPolka Dot RoseThe Grand Pecking Order200100:03:10
10The Quantic Soul OrchestraAssassinStampede200300:04:10
11NiacinSuper GrandeOrganik200600:05:01
12Al Di MeolaVizziniThe Infinite Desire199800:04:56
13SantanaEuropaThe Very Best Of199600:03:36
14A Totally UnpluggedKiss (Prince)A Totally Unplugged200600:04:51

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas Köhler

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