10. Juli 2018

1Maceo ParkerUptown UpFunk Overload19980:04:17
2Richard CheeseCreep (Radiohead)The Sunny side of the Moon20060:02:33
3Blue Mammoth (BRA)Growin'Blue Mammoth20110:08:10
4Gentle Knife (NOR)EventideGentle Knife201500:10:09
5Blank Manuskript (Salzburg)The Cult of BirdmanTales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa Nui20080:12:26
6Blind Ego (Freising)Never Escape the StormLiquid20160:08:21
7Joe SatrianiTears in the RainThe Extremist19920:01:18
8Blezqi Zatsaz (BRA)Heart and SoulRise and Fall of Passional Sanity19910:11:24

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas A. Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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