11. Oktober 2016

1Ana PopovicYou Got the LoveTrilogy (Vol. 2 Mid-Day)20160:05:28
2Richard CheeseT.N.T.Back in Black Tie20120:01:54
3MarillionLiving in F E A RF E A R20160:06:25
4Fates WarningFrom the RooftopsTheories of Flight20160:06:52
5Dream the Electric SleepHanging by TimeBeneath the Dark Wide Sky20160:05:39
6Roger CiceroBoutique0:03:48
7Barbara Thompson & ParaphernaliaThe Wave PoliceShifting Sands19980:06:23
8Burkhard MahlerLullaby Of LoveMarbella Lounge Vol. 120160:04:15
9Chuck LoebNorth South East & WestBreezin'20010:05:05
10Blue Man GroupOpening MandelbrotAudio19990:03:14
11Frank ZappaEat That QuestionThe Grand Wazoo19720:06:41
12Comet ControlArtifical LightCenter of the Maze20160:10:02

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas A. Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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