11. Januar 2022

1Principal EdwardsOver And OutThe Devon Tapes197400:04:10
2Richard CheeseHot For Teacher (Van Halen)The Sunny side of the Moon200600:02:38
3SatisfactionJust Lay Back and Enjoy ItSatisfaction197100:07:36
4Burning CandleThe Appeareance Of The GhostBurning Candle198100:09:11
5Roine StoltPeople That Have The Power To Shape The FutureWall Street Voodoo200500:11:03
6Spock's BeardThe WaterThe Light199500:23:10
7Animals as LeadersCognitive ContortionsThe Madness of Many201600:04:36
8Sonus CoronaHereTime Is Not on Your Side201900:09:10
9Glass HammerHyperboreaSkallagrim - Into The Breach202100:09:45
10Lalo SchifrinA Night in VeneziaReturn of The Marquis De Sade200100:07:39
11Aziza Mustafa ZadehBana Bana Gel (Bad Girl)Dance of Fire199500:12:32
12Pat MethenyOrchestrionOrchestrion201000:15:53

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Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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