14. August 2018

1FlametalAces HighHeavy Mellow20100:03:18
2Richard CheeseOne Love (Bob Marley)Back in Black Tie20120:02:12
3Tohpati EthnomisionSave The PlanetSave The Planet20160:09:08
4Steve VaiThe Crying MachineFire Garden199600:04:51
5Eric JohnsonPavilion / Venus RepriseVenus Isle19960:05:02
6The CrusadersAnd Then There Was The BluesThose Southern Knights19760:09:43
7Pat MethenyTo the End of the WorldWe Live Here19950:12:14
8CasiopeaPast and FutureSignal20060:11:50

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas A. Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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