09. Februar 2016

1Frank ZappaConeheadYou Are What You Is19810:04:18
2Richard CheeseHot For Teacher (Van Halen)The Sunny side of the Moon20060:02:38
3Purposeful PorpoiseNowhere BoundThe Water Games20150:05:45
4Dream TheaterThe Gift of MusicThe Astonishing Act 120160:04:00
5ArenaOut of the WildernessSongs from the Lions Cage19950:08:02
6Miss PlatnumGive Me The FoodChefa20070:03:11
7GenesisThe Fountain of SalmacisNursery Cryme19710:07:54
8Burkhard MahlerClaires AmbientRocks On the Road20150:06:13
9TipographicaTipographica's Worst DateThe Man Who Does Not Nod19950:05:27
10AKKU QuintetPhase TransitionsMolecules20140:15:19

Moderation: Jana Schmidt und Andreas A. Köhler
Sendetechnik: Andreas A. Köhler

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